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Kale Klein

Kale Klein, 15, from Brigham City, UT, home of the Tournament of Champions...

Age is Just a Number

At 91, Doris Castaneda is the oldest Nationals player—and she’s not slowing

Rising Waters

You don’t see Anna Leigh Waters too often without her mother, Leigh...

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Jill Petersen

Savannah's Super Senior Sensation

When the World is Your Cheeseburger

J “Gizmo” Hall has gone from putting out fires in the real world to being on fire in the world of pickleball...

Nicky Golowich

You don’t see Anna Leigh Waters too often without her mother, Leigh...

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IPTPA certified teaching pros. No more than 8:1 student to teacher ratio. 15 hours of instruction on all game aspects. Comprehensive daily progression.

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